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EPL—the Epicurean Philosophy List

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About EPL

The Epicurean Philosophy List (EPL) is open to anyone who wants to discuss Epicurean philosophy and related subjects, applications of Epicurean principles to concrete situations, and social and educational activities sponsored by Epicureans. EPL fully respects member privacy and member control over message content, using the versatile GNU Mailman mailing list manager software to automate most of the administrative tasks.

List Guidelines

Message Content

EPL is unmoderated, which means that the list-owner does not exercise any prior restraint over the content of posts. To keep the discussion focused on the purposes of the list, list members are expected to observe one basic rule: the content of their messages should be relevant to some aspect of Epicureanism, applications of Epicurean principles, or Epicurean activities. This rule implies a number of corollaries, including:

While the interpretation of these rules is likely to be fairly liberal, the list owner reserves the right at his own discretion to admonish, suspend posting privileges, or expel list members who violate them.

Message Format

To make this list as accessible and secure as possible for all list members, EPL may implement filters that will reject messages formatted in ways that might cause problems for other list members. Messages should be in plaintext with a line-width of no more than 80 characters. Do not send HTML-encoded messages or attachments of any kind to the list.

Use of Messages

All messages transmitted via EPL are intended for the private use of list members only; EPL messages may not be reproduced or redistributed in any manner outside the list without the consent of the original author of the message and the consent of authors of any quoted passages in the message.

EPL How-to

Using EPL

EPL has a web interface for subscribing, unsubscribing, customizing delivery options, and viewing list archives. Please visit http://transpacific.net/mailman/listinfo/epl for details.

Contacting the List Owner

The owner of the list is Vincent Cook. If you are having any problems with the list, write to Vince at .