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Web Pages

Other Epicurean Websites

Epicurean Philosophy Online
Another comprehensive Epicurean web site, maintained by Erik Anderson.
El Jardín
A Spanish-language Epicurean web site maintained by Sergio Sotomayor Prat.
A French-language Epicurean web site by Mons-Grande Ville.
La Philosophie d'Epicure
Another French-language Epicurean web site by Michel Liegeois.
An Italian-language Epicurean web site maintained by Michele Pinto.
A German-language Epicurean web page by Michael Kuhn.
An Epicurean web page in Dutch.
An Epicurean web page in Portuguese.
Philodemos Poems
Poems by the Epicurean Philodemus of Gadara (c. 110–30 B.C.), translated by George Economou.

Research on Ancient Epicureanism

The Philodemus Project
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Classics Department faculty and graduate students are participating in a project to restore the text of various works by the 1rst century B.C. Epicurean philosopher Philodemus. Papyrus rolls containing his writings were carbonized and buried by the famous 79 A.D. eruption of Mt. Vesuvius at the seaside villa of the Pisos in Herculaneum, and were rediscovered in 1752. Recovery of some of the texts has been complicated by the poor condition of the rolls, awaiting the advent of modern technology and some clever deductions about how to put the papyri fragments back together for the present translations to proceed.
The Philodemus Text and Translation Project
Another page about the Philodemus Project, this one maintained by the Classics Department at the Austin campus of the University of Texas.
Restoration of Ancient Portrait Confirmed by New Discovery in France
UCLA Classics professor Bernard Frischer reconstructed an image of Epicurus that was widely used among his ancient followers in statuary, rings, cups, and mosaics. This press release announces the discovery of a mosaic in France that confirms Dr. Frischer's thesis.

General Philosophy/Classics Websites

Episteme Links
Thomas Stone's philosophy links.
Loeb Classical Library
The Loeb Classical Library® is an outstanding collection of classical Greek and Latin works with facing-page translations, published by the Harvard University Press.

Other Webpages of Interest

Vincent Cook
Contact information and encryption keys for the host of epicurus.net.
The Friends of Herculaneum Society
An organization promoting conservation, education, and research at Herculaneum, with a particular interest in the Villa of the Papyri.
F. Heylighen's summary of modern research on happiness, confirming the existence of satiation effects and the need for social interaction and personal autonomy. Includes links to other happiness-research sites.

Discussion Groups

EPL—the Epicurean Philosophy List
EPL is an e-mail list devoted to the discussion of Epicureanism and related topics, hosted by epicurus.net.
Il Giardino di Epicuro
This is an Epicurean e-mail list for Italian speakers, hosted by Michele Pinto.


Upon the Gardens of Epicurus
An essay written by William Temple in 1685 that uses gardening as a metaphor for Epicurean wisdom.
Die Philosophie der Epikureer
A German-language essay summarizing Epicureanism, written by Felix Müeller (PDF file; requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader).

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